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Reliable & Affordable Auto Transport In Miami with Auto Transport Specialty

As a bustling global city, Miami presents its own unique set of challenges when it comes to transporting vehicles. Whether you’re relocating for business, taking an extended vacation, or even purchasing a new car from afar, having a reliable and affordable auto transport service is a crucial part of the process.

As a reputable car transport company, Auto Transport Specialty understands the challenges involved in Miami’s auto transport. With over three decades of experience, our company has been delivering top-notch vehicle transport services that are not only efficient and trustworthy, but also tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

We have made it our mission to take the stress out of auto transport, offering a range of services including auto truck transport, enclosed vehicle transport, and nationwide auto transport.

In this blog post, we will delve deeper into how Auto Transport Specialty provides exceptional auto transport services in Miami, and why our company should be your go-to choice when you need to move your vehicle safely and conveniently.

The Need for Auto Transport in Miami

Miami’s vibrant growth in recent years has significantly increased the demand for reliable auto transport services. Several factors contribute to this demand:

  • Growing Population: As one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S., more people are moving to Miami, bringing their vehicles along with them.
  • Booming Economy: Miami’s economy is thriving, attracting businesses from all over the country who often need to transport company vehicles to their new locations.
  • Tourism: Miami is a major tourist hub. Visitors, especially those planning an extended stay, often opt to have their personal vehicles shipped rather than rely on rentals or public transportation.

Given these reasons, it’s clear that a professional, dependable, and cost-effective auto transport service is a necessity in Miami. This rising demand brings an influx of auto transport companies into the market, but not all deliver the service and quality you need.

How Much Does Car Shipping to or From Miami, FL Cost?

The cost of car shipping to or from Florida, specifically Miami, typically ranges between 40 to 50 cents per mile, depending largely on the current fuel prices. Therefore, for a cross-country trip of approximately 2,500 miles, you can expect the shipping cost to be roughly around $1,000.

It’s crucial to note that Miami car shipping can vary in cost, depending on various factors. For instance, the type of vehicle you’re shipping, the service type (open carrier or enclosed transport), and the time of the year can all impact the overall cost. Open carrier transport, like the one quoted above, is usually cheaper but provides less protection to the vehicle.

Also, the demand for auto transport services at the time of shipment can affect the price. Peak seasons, usually the summer months and holidays, may lead to higher costs due to increased demand.

At Specialty Mobile Systems, we strive to offer competitive and fair pricing, ensuring our clients receive the best value for their money. Remember, it’s always a good idea to get a specific quote for your unique transport needs for a more accurate estimate.

When comparing car shipping costs among various car shipping companies, it’s essential to consider what each quote includes.

How Auto Transport Specialty Meets the Auto Transport Needs in Miami

Specialty Mobile Systems stands out among the best auto transport companies in Miami. Our services cater to a wide range of requirements, whether it’s for individual or corporate purposes. Choosing Auto Transport Specialty, a premier car transport company, provides several key advantages.

Auto Truck Transport

Our Auto Truck Transport service is a boon for businesses in Miami’s vibrant commercial sector. This service is specifically designed for organizations that need to transport multiple vehicles or large trucks, which is often the case for businesses expanding into Miami or relocating within the city.

We take complete charge of the process, right from picking up the vehicles to safely delivering them to their designated location. This allows companies to concentrate on their core operations, freeing them from the logistics of vehicle transport.

With our Auto Truck Transport service, businesses can be assured that their fleet will be handled professionally and delivered on time. As one of the leading auto transport companies, we handle the logistics of getting your car transported safely and efficiently.

Enclosed Vehicle Transport

For those seeking an auto shipping company that specializes in enclosed car shipping, look no further than Auto Transport Specialty. Catering to the needs of high-value and classic car owners, our Enclosed Vehicle Transport service offers enhanced protection for these prized possessions. We understand that these vehicles represent significant sentimental and financial investment for our clients.

Hence, our enclosed transport service provides additional protection from inclement weather and road debris during transit. This service has been well-received by car collectors and enthusiasts in Miami, who insist on the highest levels of care and protection for their valued vehicles.

Nationwide Auto Transport

Our auto shipping services are not limited to Miami; we operate nationwide, offering our top-notch services to clients all over the country. Whether you’re moving within Florida or from another state, you can trust Auto Transport Specialty to ensure a hassle-free transition. We’re equipped to handle vehicle transport across the country, turning a potentially challenging task into a smooth and worry-free experience.

We aim to provide a hassle-free experience for our customers, taking into consideration the unique demands of the bustling Miami life. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that every vehicle we transport is handled with the utmost care, and delivered in the same condition as when it was picked up. Our commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations has earned us a reputation as one of the leading auto transport services in Miami.

Advantages of Choosing Auto Transport Specialty for Auto Transport in Miami

When you choose Auto Transport Specialty for your auto transport needs in Miami, you’re choosing a company that offers several key advantages.

1. Competitive Pricing

Our competitive pricing guarantees that you receive top-quality auto transport services at affordable rates. We understand that cost is a significant factor when choosing a transport service. That’s why we’re committed to offering the best value for your money, providing superior service without breaking the bank.

2. Experienced Staff & Agents

With Auto Transport Specialty, your vehicle is in the hands of industry professionals. Our team comprises experienced agents and staff who understand the intricacies of auto transport. They handle each vehicle with expertise and care, ensuring it arrives at its destination safely and on time.

3. Family Owned & Operated

As a family-owned and operated business, we prioritize building lasting relationships with our customers. We treat every client like family, providing personalized service tailored to their specific needs. This familial approach sets us apart and helps us understand our customers better, leading to enhanced service delivery.

4. Fully Bonded & Insured

Choosing Auto Transport Specialty means choosing peace of mind. We are fully bonded and insured, ensuring that your vehicle is protected throughout the transportation process. This coverage adds a layer of security, assuring you that we’ve got everything covered.

5. Nationwide Door-to-Door Service

Our nationwide door-to-door service takes the stress out of auto transport. We pick up your vehicle from your chosen location and deliver it right to your destination, providing a seamless and convenient experience.

6. Customer-centric Approach

We’re dedicated to offering a customer-centric approach. This means that every decision we make, every process we undertake, is guided by how well it serves our customers. We constantly seek feedback and innovate our services based on our customers’ needs.

Understanding the Auto Transport Process with Auto Transport Specialty

Understanding the auto transport process with Auto Transport Specialty is simple. We’ve broken it down into five key steps to give you a clear picture of what to expect.

  1. Free Quote: First, we invite you to contact us for a free, no-obligation quote. This quote is comprehensive, taking into account all the details of your auto transport needs, from the type of vehicle and its condition, to the distance of the transport. We believe in transparent pricing, so there are no hidden charges.
  2. Booking: Once you’ve accepted our quote, we’ll work with you to arrange for pickup and delivery. We understand that our clients have varying schedules, and we strive to accommodate your preferred timelines to the best of our abilities.
  3. Pickup: When the day comes, our professional driver will arrive at the agreed location and time to pick up your vehicle. We handle every vehicle with care and respect, ensuring it’s safely loaded onto our transport vehicle.
  4. Transport: The journey then begins, with your vehicle securely transported to your destination. We use modern tracking systems that allow you to monitor the progress of the transport. Our drivers follow the safest routes and observe all road safety laws.
  5. Delivery: Finally, we will deliver your vehicle to the agreed destination on time. We aim for complete customer satisfaction, which means delivering your vehicle in the same condition it was picked up.

This step-by-step process has been designed with your convenience in mind, to ensure a smooth, hassle-free auto transport experience. We invite you to experience the ease of having your car shipped with Auto Transport Specialty.

Preparing Your Vehicle for Transport with Auto Transport Specialty

An often-overlooked aspect of the auto transport process is preparing your vehicle for transport. Preparing your vehicle for transport is a crucial step to ensure a smooth car transport process with Auto Transport Specialty.

Here are some steps you can take to prepare your vehicle for transport with Auto Transport Specialty:

  1. Clean Your Vehicle: Cleaning your vehicle inside and out not only makes it easier to inspect for pre-existing damage, but it also helps prevent any damage during transit. Dust and dirt can scratch the paint, while personal items inside can shift and cause damage to the interior.
  2. Inspect Your Vehicle: Take some time to inspect your vehicle and take note of any pre-existing damage. Taking pictures can also provide a visual record in case any disputes arise.
  3. Maintain a Quarter Tank of Gas: You should aim to maintain around a quarter tank of gas in your vehicle. This is enough to load and unload the vehicle but not so much that it adds unnecessary weight.
  4. Check Tire Pressure and Battery Charge: Make sure your tires are properly inflated and your battery is fully charged. This ensures that your vehicle can be moved if needed during the transport process.
  5. Remove Personal Items: Personal items are not covered by carrier insurance, and they can cause damage to the interior of your vehicle during transit. It’s best to remove all personal items from your vehicle before transport.
  6. Disable the Alarm: To prevent unnecessary complications during transport, make sure to disable your car alarm before handing your vehicle over to us.

At Auto Transport Specialty, we’re committed to ensuring your vehicle reaches its destination in the same condition it was in when we picked it up. Following these steps can help make the transport process smoother and more efficient for everyone involved.

Auto Transport Specialty Auto Transport: The Safe and Insured Option In Miami, FL

Choosing a fully bonded and insured auto transport company like Auto Transport Specialty ensures the safe transportation of your vehicle. At Specialty Mobile Systems, we are acutely aware that we are not just transporting vehicles; we’re handling your valuable assets.

Recognizing the inherent risks involved in vehicle transport, we’ve taken proactive measures to ensure your peace of mind throughout the process. To this end, Auto Transport Specialty is fully bonded and insured, demonstrating our commitment to safeguarding your investment.

Being bonded means that we have a surety bond in place, which serves as a financial guarantee for our customers. It’s a form of protection that secures the contractual commitments we make, ensuring we fulfill them as promised.

On the other hand, our insurance coverage provides a direct assurance that your vehicle is protected from potential damage or unexpected incidents during transport. Accidents, although rare, can occur, and it’s essential to have a safety net in place. Whether it’s a minor scratch or a significant dent, our insurance coverage takes care of the repair costs, ensuring you don’t have to bear any financial burden due to transportation-related damage.

In essence, when you choose Auto Transport Specialty for your auto transport needs, you’re choosing a provider that goes above and beyond to guarantee the safety and security of your vehicle. Our bonded and insured status is a testament to our dedication to delivering reliable, professional, and customer-focused auto transport services. With us, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in the safest hands.

How to Get a Quote from Specialty Mobile Systems

Getting a quote from one of the best auto transport companies, Auto Transport Specialty is a simple process. Visit our website or call our customer service line at 786-698-5576. Provide us with the necessary details about your auto transport needs, such as the type of vehicle, pick-up and drop-off locations, and preferred dates. Our team will then prepare a comprehensive quote tailored to your specific requirements.

Partnering with Auto Transport Specialty for Your Auto Transport Needs in Miami

Partner with Auto Transport Specialty, one of the top car transport companies, for your auto transport needs in Miami. Our dedicated team, proven processes, and customer-centric approach ensure a seamless vehicle transport experience.

Call us at 786-698-5576 or visit our website to start the Rapid Response Competitive Quote process. With Auto Transport Specialty, auto transport is made simple, secure, and stress-free.

We look forward to serving you!


What types of vehicles can Auto Transport Specialty transport?

Auto Transport Specialty can transport a wide range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, and commercial vehicles. We also have specialized services for high-value or classic cars with our enclosed vehicle transport.

How can I get a quote for auto transport with Auto Transport Specialty?

To get a quote from Auto Transport Specialty, you can visit our website or call our customer service line at 786-698-5576. Provide us with the necessary details about your auto transport needs, such as the type of vehicle, pick-up and drop-off locations, and preferred dates. Our team will then prepare a comprehensive quote for you.

Is Auto Transport Specialty insured and bonded?

Yes, Auto Transport Specialty is fully bonded and insured. This means that your vehicle is protected from any potential damage during transport. We believe in providing our customers with peace of mind when it comes to their valuable assets.

How does Auto Transport Specialty ensure the safe transport of my vehicle?

At Auto Transport Specialty, we employ experienced and professionally trained drivers to handle your vehicle. We also use secure methods of loading and unloading, and we take great care to follow the safest routes during transport. In addition, our enclosed transport service offers extra protection for high-value or classic cars.

How long does the auto transport process take with Auto Transport Specialty?

The duration of the auto transport process largely depends on the distance between the pickup and delivery locations. However, we strive to provide efficient and prompt service, always aiming to deliver your vehicle on or before the agreed-upon date.

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