Pre-Transport Check List

Pre-Shipping List

  • Personal Items

    There should be a minimum of personnel effects in the vehicle being transported. Transports are weight sensitive, the less weight the better. Elimination of personal contents also reduces the potential for theft. All carriers, by law, are made to stop at weigh stations and have their trucks weighed, if the truck is overweight the driver is ticketed - each vehicle on the transporter is then taken off and examined to determine if contents in the vehicle resulted in the overweight condition. In the event your vehicle contents contribute to an overweight condition extra charges to you can occur.

  • Cracked Glass

    Should the vehicle glass have a nick, scratch, chip, or crack, or other condition, SMS will NOT be responsible for damage caused by a pre-existing problem.

  • Climate

    Vehicles should be prepared for the destination climate conditions. This may include coolant, transmission oil, and other fluids. SMS is NOT responsible for damage cause as a result of Acts of Nature.

  • Spoilers

    Spoilers, fairing, air dams, or other low hanging items should be removed, or sufficient clearance assured, to expedite loading on the SMS transports.

  • Camper, Stakes, Racks

    SMS will NOT be responsible for any unsecured non-factory vehicle standard added pieces.

  • Car Phones

    Car phones and removable radios should be removed from the vehicle.

  • Fuel

    The fuel level of the vehicle transported should be below ½ of a tank. This is because transport is weight sensitive.

  • Antennas

    Antennas should be lowered or removed. Temporary antennas such as cell phones or CB antennas should be removed.

  • Alarms

    Alarms should be turned off. If there are special instructions required to start a car or to disarm an alarm, please let SMS know. SMS is NOT responsible for drained batteries as a result of an alarm that has not been turned off.

  • Luggage Racks

    Non-permanent luggage, bike, or ski racks should be removed. Again, SMS will NOT be responsible for any unsecured non-factory vehicle standard added pieces.