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Find About The Benefits Of Enclosed Vehicle Transport In Miami

The world of auto transport offers a myriad of solutions to cater to diverse needs, with one of the most popular options being enclosed vehicle transport. Particularly in a bustling city like Miami, where cars are not just a means of transportation but often treasured possessions, the benefits of enclosed vehicle transport are becoming increasingly recognized.

It offers an unmatched level of protection and assurance for your vehicle as it embarks on its journey to its destination. Whether you’re a proud owner of a vintage car, an exotic sports car, or a high-value luxury vehicle, enclosed transport shields your beloved ride from the unpredictability of the elements, potential road debris, and even prying eyes.

As a premier nationwide vehicle transport company, Auto Transport Specialty understands the importance of providing such secure transportation solutions, continually striving to exceed customer expectations and meet the evolving demands of the Miami community.

What is Enclosed Car Transport?

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Enclosed auto transport service, often referred to as enclosed car shipping, involves loading the vehicle inside fully enclosed trailers, offering a cocoon of safety and protection. This enclosed structure creates a protective shell around the vehicle, safeguarding it from outdoor elements and potential hazards during transit.

Enclosed car transport is often deemed the premium choice in auto transport services, with many enclosed auto transport companies providing an unmatched level of safety and security.

In addition to offering protection from weather and road debris, it also offers increased privacy, concealing the vehicle from prying eyes. This method is particularly favored when transporting high-end, classic, or rare vehicles that require an elevated level of care.

When Should You Consider Enclosed Car Transport?

Opting for the services of enclosed auto transporters becomes essential under certain circumstances. Here are some situations where you should consider opting for this method of transportation:

1. High-Value Cars

The value of a car isn’t just its price tag but also the sentiment attached to it. Whether your vehicle is a top-of-the-range luxury model, a carefully restored vintage classic, a high-performance sports car, or a vehicle with personal sentimental value, enclosed transport provides the additional protection these vehicles require.

The safeguarding from external elements prevents any potential depreciation in the car’s value, ensuring it remains in immaculate condition.

2. Auto Shows & Auctions

Cars being transported to auto shows, exhibitions, or auctions are often unique, valuable, and in pristine condition. The minutest scratch or dent can significantly impact a vehicle’s value and appeal. Enclosed transport, with its comprehensive protection, ensures your vehicle arrives at its destination in show-ready condition, maintaining its value and aesthetics.

3. Harsh Weather Conditions

Weather conditions can play a major role in deciding the type of car transport you should opt for. If your vehicle needs to be shipped during a season of adverse weather conditions or through regions known for harsh climates, enclosed transport is your best bet. It ensures your vehicle remains protected from rain, snow, hail, dust, or intense sunlight, preserving its original condition.

4. Long-Distance Transportation

For cross-country or long-distance transportation, the journey can be harsh on your vehicle. Extended exposure to changing weather conditions, possible road debris, and the wear and tear associated with such long travel durations can impact your vehicle’s condition.

Enclosed auto shipping protects your vehicle from potential damages, making sure it arrives at its destination in the same state as when it embarked on the journey.

5. Privacy Considerations

If privacy is a key concern, enclosed car transport offers an excellent solution. High-profile individuals, celebrities, or owners of unique and eye-catching vehicles may prefer their vehicles to be transported discreetly. Enclosed transport conceals the vehicle from public view during transit, ensuring a private and secure shipping experience.

6. Newly Purchased or Leased Vehicles

When you’ve just purchased or leased a new vehicle, you’d want it to remain in its perfect, brand-new state. Enclosed car transport, with its superior protection against potential damage, ensures your newly acquired treasure arrives at your doorstep in the pristine condition you expect.

Types of Vehicles Suitable for Enclosed Auto Transport in Miami

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It’s not just the circumstances that dictate the choice of enclosed transport but also the type of vehicle being transported. The following types of vehicles are ideally suited for enclosed auto transport.

1. Luxury Cars

Luxury cars are more than just vehicles; they are symbols of status, power, and opulence. They carry with them the prestige of their brands and the painstaking craftsmanship that goes into their making.

  • These cars often boast high-end finishes, intricate detailing, and advanced technologies. Any damage to these components could drastically reduce the vehicle’s value and diminish its aesthetic appeal.
  • High-value luxury vehicles demand meticulous care, which enclosed auto transport companies provide with expertise. From careful loading and unloading to secure tie-downs and cushioning, the service ensures your vehicle arrives in the same immaculate condition as it was when picked up.

2. High-End Sports Cars

High-end sports cars are finely tuned machines built for speed, performance, and aesthetics. Their sleek bodies and aerodynamic designs necessitate an extra level of protection during transport.

  • The precision engineering and the monetary investment involved in these vehicles call for the utmost care during transit, ensuring no damage from external elements.
  • Enclosed auto transport shields these vehicles from debris, weather elements, and prying eyes, maintaining their pristine condition and safeguarding your investment.

3. Race Cars and Stock Cars

Whether for professional or amateur racing, race cars, and stock cars are significant investment and require special care during transit.

  • These vehicles are typically customized and equipped with high-performance parts. Their uniqueness and value make enclosed transport the preferred choice to protect these features.
  • Enclosed transport ensures they arrive at the race track in top condition, ready to deliver a winning performance.

4. Muscle Cars

Muscle cars are a testament to the golden era of American automotive history, often holding high sentimental and collector’s value.

  • The rarity and historical value of these vehicles demand a secure transport method. Enclosed auto transport prevents exposure to harmful elements that could potentially cause damage.
  • Enclosed transport also ensures that these vehicles reach their destination without any unwanted miles on them, preserving their value and appeal.

5. Limousines

The size and design of limousines necessitate special handling during transport.

  • Their length and low ground clearance require a transport method that can accommodate these features while ensuring safe loading and unloading.
  • The plush interiors and exteriors of limousines need to be protected from dust, debris, and weather conditions, all of which enclosed transport can provide.

6. Off-Road Trucks

Off-road trucks are robust, rugged vehicles, but they, too, require meticulous care during transport.

  • Their custom modifications, high-performance parts, and often larger sizes need an appropriate transport method. Enclosed transport provides the needed space and protection.
  • Despite their off-road abilities, these vehicles benefit from the protection of enclosed transport to prevent undue wear and tear during transit.

7. Military Vehicles

The nature and importance of military vehicles require an enhanced level of care and security during transport.

  • These vehicles often carry sensitive equipment and require utmost security, confidentiality, and protection during transit.
  • Enclosed transport ensures they are shielded from public view and any potential hazards on the road.

8. Brand New Dealership Vehicles

For dealerships, the condition of the vehicles at the point of sale can significantly impact customer satisfaction.

  • Brand-new vehicles need to be delivered to customers in pristine condition. Enclosed transport protects these vehicles from road debris, weather elements, and any potential damage during transit.
  • Ensuring a brand-new vehicle is delivered without any additional mileage or wear is crucial for maintaining customer trust and satisfaction.

Benefits of Enclosed Vehicle Transport in Miami

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Miami’s unique climate, road conditions, and demand for vehicle transport make enclosed car transportation a particularly advantageous choice in this city. This enhanced mode of vehicle transportation offers several significant benefits that go beyond the general protection and security it offers.

1. Enhanced Protection

Arguably the most apparent benefit, enclosed car shipping offers your vehicle a higher level of protection compared to open auto transport, its open-air counterpart. Enclosed trailers shield your car from weather-related damage such as sun, rain, or hail, as well as potential road debris damage.

Given Miami’s tropical monsoon climate, with a rainy season that lasts from May through October, this enhanced protection can be invaluable.

2. Superior Security

Enclosed vehicle transport also offers greater security for your vehicle. The enclosure prevents any potential thieves or vandals from even seeing, let alone touching, your vehicle during transit. In a bustling city like Miami, with a mix of different neighborhoods, this added security layer could offer much-needed peace of mind.

3. Privacy

Enclosed transport ensures your vehicle is not on public display during the shipping process. For high-profile individuals, collectors of rare vehicles, or simply those who value their privacy, this element of confidentiality can be a significant benefit. Your vehicle is completely concealed from curious onlookers throughout its journey.

4. Specialized Handling

Typically, enclosed transporters specialize in handling high-value cars. These professionals are trained in the specific techniques required to load, unload, and transport these vehicles safely. They understand the unique needs and precautions necessary to ensure your vehicle arrives at its destination in its original condition.

5. Reduced Risk of Damage

Enclosed carrier auto transport significantly diminishes the risk of accidental damage during transit. Given the congested traffic and sometimes unpredictable driving conditions in Miami, this reduced risk can save owners of luxury, classic, or high-value cars from incurring unnecessary repair costs.

6. Door-to-Door Service

Many enclosed car transport companies provide the convenience of door-to-door delivery. This convenience can be a significant advantage, especially for those with busy schedules. Your vehicle will be picked up from your specified location and delivered directly to your desired destination.

7. Increased Insurance Coverage

Owing to the premium nature of enclosed auto transport services, these enclosed carriers often offer increased insurance coverage. This increased coverage means that in the rare event something does go wrong during transit, you’re adequately protected financially.

8. Care for Unique Needs

Certain vehicles require special care during transportation due to their unique characteristics. For example, classic or vintage cars may need particular straps to avoid chassis damage, or low-ground-clearance sports cars may require unique ramps for loading and unloading. Enclosed transport services are often equipped to cater to these special needs.

9. Peace of Mind

The peace of mind that enclosed car shipping services offer is indeed priceless. Knowing your valuable vehicle is protected from most potential hazards and is being handled by specialized professionals throughout its journey can alleviate much of the stress associated with vehicle transportation.

10. Retain Vehicle Value

For high-end luxury vehicles or vintage cars, any minor scratch or damage can significantly reduce the auto’s value, making enclosed auto transport cost a worthy investment. Enclosed transport, with its enhanced protection, helps maintain your vehicle in its optimal condition, thereby preserving its value.

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Experience the Benefits of Enclosed Vehicle Transport in Miami with Auto Transport Specialty

At Auto Transport Specialty, we understand the varying needs of our diverse clientele, which is why we offer premium enclosed vehicle transport services specially tailored to meet and exceed your expectations.

1. Comprehensive Protection with Auto Transport Specialty

Our enclosed vehicle transport service offers an all-encompassing shield for your valuable vehicles. From combating Miami’s harsh weather conditions to safeguarding against potential road debris damage, our enhanced protection is designed to deliver your vehicle in pristine condition.

2. Prioritized Security at Auto Transport Specialty

We consider the security of your vehicle paramount. Our enclosed transport services offer an added layer of security by keeping your car out of sight and out of reach from potential vandals, providing you with peace of mind throughout the transit process.

3. Privacy Guaranteed with Auto Transport Specialty

Whether you’re a high-profile individual or a classic car enthusiast, we understand the importance of privacy. With our enclosed vehicle transport service, your car remains concealed from curious eyes during the entire transportation journey, ensuring complete privacy.

4. Specialized Handling by Trained Professionals at Auto Transport Specialty

Our team of professionals at Auto Transport Specialty specializes in handling high-value cars. Equipped with the necessary expertise and experience, they ensure the safe and secure loading, transport, and unloading of your vehicle, catering to its unique needs.

5. Minimized Risk of Damage with Auto Transport Specialty

In the bustling city of Miami, traffic conditions can be unpredictable. Our enclosed transport services significantly mitigate the risk of accidental damage during transit, saving you from potential unnecessary repair costs.

6. Convenient Door-to-Door Service by Auto Transport Specialty

Adding to the convenience, our enclosed transport services include door-to-door delivery. You can rely on us to pick up your vehicle from a location of your choice and deliver it directly to your specified destination, saving you time and energy.

7. Enhanced Insurance Coverage at Auto Transport Specialty

At Auto Transport Specialty, we offer higher insurance coverage as part of our premium enclosed transport services. In the rare event of an issue during transit, this additional coverage ensures that you’re adequately protected financially.

8. Catering to Unique Needs with Auto Transport Specialty

Understanding that certain vehicles require special care during transportation, we’re equipped to cater to these unique needs. Whether it’s using special straps for a classic car or unique ramps for a low-ground-clearance sports car, we’ve got it covered.

9. Unparalleled Peace of Mind with Auto Transport Specialty

Shipping your vehicle with our enclosed transport services means investing in peace of mind. Knowing that your vehicle is protected and handled by specialized professionals can alleviate much of the stress associated with vehicle transportation.

10. Retaining Vehicle Value with Auto Transport Specialty

We understand that any minor scratch or damage can significantly depreciate the value of luxury, high-end, or vintage cars. With our enclosed transport service, we aim to preserve your vehicle’s value by delivering it in optimal condition.


Choosing the right transportation method for your vehicle is vital, especially when dealing with high-value cars. Enclosed vehicle transport, while slightly more expensive than open-air alternatives, offers superior protection, increased security, and greater peace of mind.

At Auto Transport Specialty, we understand these nuances and are dedicated to offering our clients top-tier services that ensure their vehicle’s safe, secure, and timely delivery. Whether you’re moving across Miami or across the country, you can trust us to take care of your precious cargo.

Don’t hesitate to reach out and experience our premium enclosed vehicle transport services today.


Is enclosed transport more expensive than open transport?

Yes, typically, enclosed transport is more expensive than open transport due to the additional protection and personalized service it offers. However, the added cost can be a worthy investment for high-value vehicles.

How much more does it cost to ship a car enclosed?

The cost difference between enclosed and open transport can vary based on factors such as the distance of transportation, type of vehicle, and specific requirements of the client. On average, enclosed transport can be around 30% – 60% more expensive than open transport.

How long does it take to ship my car using enclosed transport?

The duration of shipping depends on the distance of transportation. However, as enclosed transport typically caters to fewer cars at a time, it could potentially result in faster delivery.

Are all cars suitable for enclosed transport?

While all cars can be transported using enclosed transport, it is most beneficial for high-value cars, sports cars, luxury cars, vintage classics, and cars being transported to auto shows or auctions.

Is my car insured during enclosed transport?

Yes, vehicles transported via enclosed transport are insured. In fact, insurance coverage is often higher for enclosed transport due to the premium nature of the service.

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