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Get The Best Electric Car Transportation In Miami

In Miami-Dade County, electric car transportation is earning increased notice as our global community progressively shifts toward sustainable transport options. This environmentally conscious choice has made electric vehicles (EVs) the choice for many, and the need to transport these electric cars has also increased.

As a leader in the transport industry, Auto Transport Specialty is revved up to meet these evolving needs of our customers in South Florida and beyond. However, EV transportation presents unique challenges that demand a comprehensive understanding of the electric vehicle sector.

With our unparalleled experience, we’re ready to face these challenges head-on, ensuring secure and efficient transportation of your electric vehicles.

This post will delve into the nuances of electric car transportation in Miami, exploring its implications, the complexities involved, and how Auto Transport Specialty stands out as a reliable partner for these services.

What’s Different About Shipping an Electric Car?

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Shipping an electric car involves unique considerations, chiefly linked to their distinguishing feature: the batteries. Electric vehicles, unlike their gasoline counterparts, utilize large rechargeable batteries for power, much like the ones you would find in everyday electronics but on a much larger scale.

This key characteristic significantly increases the overall weight of electric and hybrid vehicles, making their transportation a bit more complex.

The increased weight, mainly due to the larger batteries, often results in vehicle transport companies charging a premium for the shipment of electric or hybrid cars. The additional cost is attributable to the extra effort and resources required to manage the heavier load. After all, these vehicles are not your standard fare and necessitate a distinctive approach to their transport.

Moreover, the nature of the batteries, primarily composed of lithium-ion, demands heightened care during transit. It’s not just about moving the vehicle; it’s also about ensuring the safe transportation of these potentially volatile components.

Consequently, transport companies may need to secure additional licensing and adapt their equipment to safely and efficiently transport electric vehicles. This blend of special care, advanced equipment, and regulatory compliance all contribute to making the shipping of electric cars a unique process.

The Advantages of Shipping Hybrid and Electric Cars in Miami

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Opting for a free ride via shipping a hybrid or electric vehicle brings several distinct benefits, from cost and time savings to peace of mind to the residents of the vibrant city of Coral Gables and beyond. While the process does involve unique challenges, it also provides opportunities to protect your investment and simplify your logistics.

1. Economic Savings

One of the fundamental appeals of hybrid or electric cars is the potential for fuel savings. By choosing to ship your vehicle, you can preserve these savings and potentially reduce your costs even further.

Driving a vehicle across great distances will undoubtedly require a significant amount of energy, be it gasoline or electricity. This consumption not only goes against the ethos of owning an environmentally friendly vehicle but can also lead to unforeseen costs, such as electricity fees at charging stations or the rental of additional equipment for long journeys.

In contrast, shipping your hybrid or electric car reduces this expenditure, eliminating the need to drive the vehicle yourself and offering a more cost-effective solution.

2. Time Efficiency

When you opt for professional transportation of your electric or hybrid car, you are investing in efficiency. Driving a car across the country is not only tiring but also incredibly time-consuming. It may take days, if not weeks, to reach your destination, depending on the distance and the time you have available.

With the demands of modern life, taking this amount of time out of your schedule may not be feasible. Choosing to ship your vehicle can streamline this process, ensuring that your car reaches its destination in a timely and efficient manner, freeing up your time for other pressing tasks or activities.

3. Prevention of Wear and Tear

Shipping your vehicle also serves to protect it from unnecessary wear and tear. Long-distance driving can place a considerable strain on your car, leading to potential mechanical issues, flat tires, or depleted batteries. Even though electric and hybrid cars are designed for durability, every mile driven contributes to their overall wear and tear.

By choosing to ship your car, it is transported on a carrier, preventing this additional mileage and preserving the vehicle’s condition. This decision can enhance your car’s longevity and help maintain its value over time.

4. Stress-Free Experience

Moving or relocating within the public works of South Florida can be stressful, but shipping your hybrid or electric car can alleviate some of this pressure, making it a fun and stress-free experience. Knowing that your vehicle is in safe hands and will be delivered to your new location can provide significant peace of mind during a chaotic time.

Professionals handle all the logistics of the transportation process, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your move. This assurance can significantly decrease the anxiety associated with the relocation process.

5. Regulatory Compliance

Transporting an electric or hybrid vehicle involves navigating a series of regulations and compliance requirements, particularly related to the vehicle’s battery.

Vehicle transport companies, such as Auto Transport Specialty, are well-versed in these regulations and can ensure that your vehicle’s transportation adheres to all the necessary legal requirements. This expertise removes the burden of regulatory compliance from your shoulders and ensures that the transport process is conducted safely and legally.

6. Environmental Stewardship

Finally, shipping your electric or hybrid vehicle rather than driving it over long distances can contribute to reducing your carbon footprint.

While electric and hybrid vehicles are more environmentally friendly than their gasoline counterparts, using professional transportation services further minimizes their environmental impact. This approach aligns with the environmental consciousness that often drives people to choose electric or hybrid vehicles, reinforcing your commitment to sustainable practices.

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Preparing Your Hybrid or Electric Vehicle for Shipping

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The process of shipping a hybrid or electric vehicle involves several steps to ensure its safety and security during transit. From assessing the car’s condition to handling logistics like keys and fuel levels, careful preparation can go a long way toward ensuring a smooth transportation experience.

1. Checking the Car’s Condition

Before you park your car for shipping, it’s essential to ensure your hybrid or electric vehicle is in top-notch condition for transportation.

A thorough check should be conducted to verify there are no fluid leaks. Although hybrid and electric cars don’t rely solely on gasoline, they still contain various fluids that could potentially leak, such as brake fluid or coolant. Identifying and fixing these issues beforehand reduces the risk of unexpected problems during transit.

The battery, being a vital component of electric and hybrid vehicles, should be securely attached and fully functional. Any loose connections or potential faults should be addressed before shipping. Moreover, as tire pressure can affect the vehicle’s stability during loading and unloading, ensure your tires are properly inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended PSI.

2. Cleaning Your Vehicle

The cleanliness of your vehicle can play a significant role in the shipping process.

A thorough exterior wash will enhance the vehicle’s appearance, but more importantly, it allows for a comprehensive inspection for pre-existing damage. A clean car makes it easier to spot any dents, scratches, or other cosmetic imperfections, providing a transparent record of the vehicle’s condition before shipping.

Clear pictures should be taken of the vehicle from various angles to document its pre-shipping state. Having a well-documented condition report can provide a critical reference point if any disputes arise later.

3. Removing Personal Items

While it might seem like an easy ride to use your vehicle as additional shipping space, we advise our customers to remove all personal items before transportation.

Personal items can add weight to your vehicle, potentially affecting the cost of shipping. Moreover, during transit, these items can move around, potentially causing damage to the car’s interior or even the items themselves. 

GPS devices, toll passes, important documents, or any other personal belongings should be removed. This way, you safeguard your items and avoid any possible complications.

4. Fuel and Battery Levels

Interestingly, the level of fuel or charge in your car can impact the shipping process.

There’s no need for a full gas tank; in fact, having no more than 1/4 tank of gas is recommended. A full tank adds unnecessary weight, potentially increasing shipping costs and adding stress to the vehicle during transport.

For electric or hybrid cars, it’s essential to ensure your battery is fully charged before shipping. A fully charged battery decreases the likelihood of complications during the loading and unloading process, where the vehicle might need to be driven a short distance.

5. Managing Car Keys

Lastly, dealing with the car keys is an often-overlooked aspect of vehicle shipping.

The driver will need a set of keys to load and unload your vehicle. It’s advisable to have a spare set for this purpose to avoid potential issues if the keys are misplaced during transit. By giving the driver a spare set, you retain your primary keys and reduce the inconvenience if a problem arises.

By carefully preparing your vehicle from your fleet for shipping, you can increase the likelihood of a seamless, hassle-free transport experience. These preparatory steps, while requiring a bit of effort, can provide peace of mind, knowing you’ve taken all possible measures to ensure the safe and secure transportation of your vehicle.

Understanding the Cost of Hybrid and Electric Car Shipping in Miami

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Shipping a hybrid or electric car requires consideration of several factors that will influence the overall cost. This transportation fee will not be the same for every vehicle due to differences in make and model, vehicle condition, the distance of transportation, the type of shipping chosen, and even the time of the year. Delving into each factor can provide a clearer picture of the potential costs involved.

1. Make and Model of the Car

The specifics of your hybrid or electric vehicle, whether it’s your office commute car or a personal ride, play a crucial role in determining shipping costs.

Certain vehicles are larger or heavier than others, occupying more space on the carrier and potentially affecting the weight distribution. For instance, compact electric cars like a Nissan Leaf may cost less to transport than a heavier Tesla Model X, given its larger size and weight.

The more space and weight a car occupies, the higher the shipping cost could be. As such, it’s important to accurately share your vehicle’s make and model with the shipping company to get an accurate quote.

2. Distance of Transportation

Not surprisingly, the shipping distance directly influences the cost of transporting your hybrid or electric vehicle.

Shipping costs are often calculated based on mileage. The further your vehicle needs to travel, the higher the transportation costs, as it would require more resources like fuel and time.

A cross-country shipment will naturally be more expensive than shipping within the same state or region. Therefore, understanding the mileage involved in your specific shipping scenario, whether it’s around the city or across the state, will help visitors estimate costs more accurately.

3. Vehicle Condition

The operational condition of your hybrid or electric car can also significantly impact the cost of shipping.

A vehicle in good working order is easier and faster to load and unload, which can make the shipping process more efficient. However, if your vehicle is inoperable or has special needs due to mechanical issues, it may require additional resources and equipment for safe loading and transportation.

This extra effort can increase the overall shipping cost. When requesting a quote, be sure to clarify the current condition of your vehicle to avoid unexpected charges.

4. Type of Shipping Method

The choice between an open parking-like transport or an enclosed one can also affect your total shipping cost.

Open carriers, which transport vehicles exposed to the elements, are typically less expensive but offer less protection. On the other hand, enclosed carriers provide more protection, shielding your vehicle from weather and road debris, but come at a higher price. If you have a high-value electric vehicle or if protection is a top priority, you may opt for enclosed shipping despite the higher cost.

5. Seasonality

Finally, the time of year you choose to ship your vehicle can influence the cost.

Like many industries, auto transport has peak seasons where demand is high, often leading to increased rates. For example, the summer season tends to be busier due to factors like college students moving, people relocating, or the simple fact that driving conditions are more favorable. As such, you might see higher rates during these peak times compared to the slower winter months.

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Why Choose Electric Car Transportation Services by Auto Transport Specialty?

Navigating the world of hybrid and electric car transportation can be daunting, especially given the unique considerations these vehicles require. At Auto Transport Specialty, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch electric car transportation services, with Miami as our central hub.

Our commitment to providing unmatched quality, reliability, and customer service makes us a preferred choice for electric vehicle transportation across the country.

A Comprehensive Approach to Electric Car Transportation

At Auto Transport Specialty, we understand that electric vehicles are more than just a mode of transportation – they’re an investment. That’s why we take a comprehensive approach to ensure safe and secure transport for every vehicle.

  • Safety Precautions: Recognizing the importance of safety, we adhere strictly to all transport regulations and safety guidelines. Our carriers are equipped to handle the increased weight of electric vehicles, and our experienced drivers are trained to handle these vehicles with utmost care.
  • Versatile Shipping Options: We offer both open and enclosed transport options. Whether you need cost-effective open transport or prefer additional protection with enclosed transport, we have you covered.
  • Nationwide Coverage: From Miami to any part of the United States, our transportation services span nationwide. Whether you’re moving, selling, or buying an electric car from afar, we’re here to simplify the logistics for you.

Expert Handling and Customer Service

Our team’s extensive experience and dedication to customer satisfaction set us apart from other transportation services.

  • Specialized Knowledge: Our expert team has extensive knowledge and training in handling electric cars, ensuring that your vehicle is treated with the care it deserves. From loading to unloading, your vehicle is in expert hands.
  • Personalized Service: We understand that each customer and vehicle is unique. Our team takes the time to understand your specific needs, providing personalized service and tailored transportation solutions.
  • 24/7 Support: We offer round-the-clock customer support, giving you peace of mind that help is always a call away. Whether you have a question or need an update, our team is ready to assist.

Reliable and Affordable Solutions

Our commitment extends beyond excellent service – we also aim to make electric car transportation accessible and affordable.

  • Competitive Pricing: Despite the unique requirements of electric vehicle shipping, we strive to provide our services at competitive rates. We consider various factors, such as distance, vehicle model, and shipping type, to offer fair and affordable quotes.
  • Timely Delivery: We understand that time is of the essence in vehicle transportation. Our team works diligently to ensure timely pickup and delivery, all while keeping you updated on the progress.

Choosing Auto Transport Specialty for your electric car transportation needs in Miami and beyond means choosing a partner who understands the intricacies of electric vehicles, respects your time and investment, and is committed to exceeding your expectations. Trust us to provide you with a hassle-free, reliable, and affordable vehicle transportation experience.


Electric and hybrid cars represent the future of transportation, offering a more sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional vehicles. However, the transportation of these innovative vehicles requires a special touch.

With our services at Auto Transport Specialty, you get more than just transportation; you receive expert handling, customer-centric service, and a reliable partner committed to ensuring the safe delivery of your vehicle. Moving an electric vehicle doesn’t have to be a hassle. Trust your transportation needs to the professionals who understand the unique requirements of these vehicles.

If you’re planning to transport your electric car within Miami or across the country, reach out to Auto Transport Specialty today. Our experienced team is ready to provide a seamless, stress-free shipping solution tailored to your specific needs.


What is the cost of shipping an electric car?

The cost of shipping an electric vehicle varies based on several factors, including the make and model of the car, the distance to be covered, the condition of the vehicle, the type of shipping (open or enclosed), and the seasonality. For a specific quote, contact Auto Transport Specialty.

Is it safe to ship my electric vehicle with Auto Transport Specialty?

Absolutely. We prioritize safety in all our operations. Our team is trained to handle electric vehicles carefully, and our carriers are equipped to safely transport these heavier vehicles. We also adhere strictly to all transport regulations and guidelines.

Can Auto Transport Specialty deliver my vehicle anywhere in the United States?

Yes, Auto Transport Specialty offers nationwide transportation services. Whether you’re moving your vehicle within Miami or shipping it to another part of the country, we’ve got you covered.

How do I prepare my electric car for shipping?

Prepare your electric vehicle for shipping by ensuring it’s in good condition with no fluid leaks and a secure battery. Clean your car, remove personal items, ensure the gas tank is no more than 1/4 full, fully charge the battery, and provide an extra set of keys to the driver.

What type of transport options does Auto Transport Specialty offer?

We offer both open and enclosed transport options. Open transport is a cost-effective choice, while enclosed transport offers additional protection, making it ideal for high-value vehicles.

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