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Get the Best Luxury Car Transport In Miami

Welcome to Miami Beach, the hub of luxury car service, known for its opulence, breathtaking beaches, and, of course, its impressive array of luxury vehicles. When it comes to transporting these high-value vehicles, the demands are different and significantly more rigorous.

Enter Auto Transport Specialty, a Miami-based company that has set the benchmark for safe, reliable, and affordable luxury car transportation. With nearly two decades of experience, our service goes beyond merely transporting your luxury car from point A to point B.

We understand the intrinsic value and sentimental attachment you have with your luxury vehicle. Hence, we deliver an unparalleled service, ensuring the utmost care and protection throughout the journey.

From enclosed transport options to a hands-on, experienced staff available 24/7, we aim to make the process seamless and stress-free. We’re not just about moving vehicles; we’re about delivering peace of mind.

Understanding Luxury Car Transport in Miami

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Luxury car transport is more than just another way to move vehicles. It’s a specialized service requiring heightened attention to detail, dedicated expertise, and, above all, a high level of trust.

What Makes Luxury Car Transport Different

Luxury car transport differs from regular vehicle transport in many ways:

  • Value: Luxury cars are often significantly more valuable than other vehicles, making their safe transportation paramount.
  • Details: The specifics of each luxury car, such as custom enhancements and modifications, require careful handling and special consideration during transport.
  • Insurance: Higher-value vehicles often require additional insurance coverage for transportation.
  • Expectations: Owners of luxury cars usually have high expectations for the service they receive, just as they do for the vehicle itself.

These factors all combine to create a unique set of challenges in luxury car transport, demanding a provider who excels in handling such exceptional circumstances with ease.

Challenges in Luxury Car Transport

There are several key challenges involved in transporting luxury cars, including:

  • Preserving Condition: The primary challenge is maintaining the pristine condition of the vehicle throughout transport. Any scratches, dents, or damage can significantly depreciate the value of a luxury car and result in substantial repair costs.
  • Security: Security is of the utmost importance when transporting high-value vehicles. The risk of theft or vandalism increases, necessitating secure storage and monitoring throughout transit.
  • Delivery Timing: Owners of luxury vehicles often require precise delivery times, which can be challenging to ensure over long distances and with variable traffic conditions.

How Auto Transport Specialty Overcomes These Challenges

As the best car service in Miami, Auto Transport Specialty has developed strategies to effectively address the unique challenges of luxury car transport:

  • High-End Equipment: Auto Transport Specialty uses state-of-the-art enclosed transporters designed to protect luxury vehicles from environmental factors and potential damage during transit. Inside these secure transporters, vehicles are carefully positioned and secured to prevent any movement that could result in damage.
  • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage: To provide peace of mind, we offer comprehensive insurance coverage for the transport of luxury cars, ensuring that any potential damage or incidents are fully covered.
  • Experienced Staff: Our team is specifically trained in handling luxury vehicles. This expertise, coupled with a commitment to exceptional service, ensures that each car is treated with the respect it deserves.
  • Secure Transit: All transports are monitored for security, and the routes are planned to minimize risks.
  • Coordinated Delivery: Auto Transport Specialty coordinates carefully with clients to ensure timely delivery within the agreed schedule. Our team maintains open communication throughout the transport process, providing regular updates on progress and expected delivery times.

Preparing Your Luxury Car for Transport

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Entrusting your luxury vehicle to our professional black car service requires some preparations on your part. These steps not only help ensure the safe transport of your vehicle but also make the process smoother.

Guidelines on How to Prepare Your Luxury Vehicle for Transport

Following these guidelines can make the process of transporting your luxury car a breeze:

  • Clean Your Vehicle: A clean vehicle makes it easier to identify any existing damage and assess the car’s condition post-transport.
  • Inspect Your Vehicle: Document the current condition of your vehicle. Take detailed photos of the interior and exterior from multiple angles. This serves as a reference in case of any disputes about damage during transit.
  • Secure Loose Items: Remove or secure any loose items in the vehicle. These can shift during transport, potentially causing damage.
  • Check Tire Pressure: Ensure your tires are correctly inflated. This helps secure the vehicle during loading and unloading.
  • Reduce Fuel Level: Aim to keep your fuel tank about one-quarter full. This is enough to drive the vehicle on and off the transporter but not so much that it adds unnecessary weight.
  • Disable Alarms: If your car has an alarm system, make sure it’s turned off to prevent it from going off during transit.
  • Spare Keys: Provide the transport service with a set of spare keys. They’ll need these to move the vehicle on and off the transporter.

The Role of Auto Transport Specialty in the Preparation Phase

Auto Transport Specialty plays a crucial part in preparing your luxury vehicle for transport:

  • Pre-Transport Consultation: Our team consults with you to understand the specifics of your vehicle and any special care instructions.
  • Guidance: We guide you through the necessary preparation steps and answer any questions to ensure you’re comfortable with the process.
  • Carrier Inspection: Our professional drivers will perform a thorough inspection of your vehicle at the time of pick-up, documenting the condition and ensuring all preparation steps have been completed.
  • Secure Loading: We ensure your vehicle is safely and securely loaded onto the transporter, taking into account any specific needs of the vehicle.

The Auto Transport Specialty Process

Understanding the process of our reliable car service in Miami can help set expectations and give you peace of mind. As the best airport car service, Auto Transport Specialty ensures a seamless and transparent process from pickup at the Miami International Airport to delivery at the Miami cruise port.

Walkthrough of the Entire Transport Process from Pickup to Delivery

The transport process at Auto Transport Specialty involves the following steps:

  • Quote: As a leading limo car service in Miami, we provide a detailed and transparent quote based on your luxury transport needs.
  • Booking: Once you decide to proceed, we schedule a pickup and delivery window that suits your timeline.
  • Pickup: Our professional drivers will arrive at the agreed-upon time to pick up your vehicle. They will inspect the car, confirming its condition and loading it onto the transporter.
  • Transit: During transit, your vehicle is monitored continuously to ensure its safety and security.
  • Delivery: Upon reaching the destination, your vehicle is offloaded with care and inspected once more to confirm it’s in the same condition as when it was loaded.
  • Confirmation: Once you’ve confirmed you’re satisfied with the condition of your vehicle, the transport is considered complete.

Our Customer Service and the Measures We Take to Keep Clients Informed

Auto Transport Specialty emphasizes regular and transparent communication throughout the transport process. Here’s how we keep you informed:

  • Regular Updates: We provide frequent updates on your vehicle’s location and expected delivery time.
  • Access to the Team: Our Miami car service team, including our professional town car service, is available 24/7 to answer any queries or concerns you might have.
  • Post-Delivery Follow-Up: After delivery, we follow up to ensure you’re satisfied with our service and address any questions or feedback.

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Client Testimonials

Hearing directly from our satisfied clients offers invaluable insight into the high level of service we provide.

Sharing Stories of Successful Transports

Over the years, Auto Transport Specialty has facilitated the transport of many luxury vehicles. Some testimonials from our clients include:

Client 1: “Auto Transport Specialty handled the transport of my vintage Ferrari with utmost professionalism. The enclosed transport kept it secure and clean during transit. Highly recommended!”

Client 2: “Auto Transport Specialty’s service was impeccable. My Bentley arrived in the exact condition it was picked up. The team was courteous and kept me informed throughout.”

How Auto Transport Specialty Exceeded Client Expectations

Our aim is not just to meet, but exceed, our client’s expectations:

Client 3: “I never thought transporting my luxury car could be so hassle-free. Auto Transport Specialty made the process seamless, and their level of communication was excellent.”

Client 4: “The team went above and beyond to deliver my Mercedes on time for an event. Their commitment to customer service is commendable.”

These testimonials reflect our commitment to offering top-notch service that goes beyond mere transportation, providing peace of mind and an exceptional experience to our clients.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Luxury Car?

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Offering Miami airport car service and shipping a luxury car are specialized services that come with their unique set of considerations. Therefore, it is important to understand the factors that influence the cost of this service.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Luxury Car Transport

When you ship a luxury car, several factors come into play that can affect the overall cost:

  • Distance: The farther you need to ship your car, the more it’s going to cost. The price is typically calculated on a per-mile basis, which means that shorter distances will generally be more economical.
  • Vehicle Specifications: The make and model of your luxury car can influence the cost of shipping. Larger, heavier vehicles may require more resources to transport, thus increasing the cost.
  • Transport Method: The type of transport method you choose can greatly affect the cost. Open transport is typically less expensive than enclosed transport, but it doesn’t provide the same level of protection. Enclosed transport, while more expensive, is recommended for luxury vehicles to provide maximum protection.
  • Route and Location: If your destination is in a major city along a common transport route, it may cost less than if you’re shipping to a remote or hard-to-reach location.
  • Seasonality: The time of year can also impact the cost. For instance, car shipping rates can rise during snowbird season when demand for vehicle transport increases.
  • Insurance: Shipping a luxury car requires comprehensive insurance to protect against potential damage. The cost of this insurance is factored into the total shipping cost.

Getting a Quote from Auto Transport Specialty

Auto Transport Specialty is committed to offering fair and competitive pricing for luxury car transport. To get an accurate quote:

  • Provide Detailed Information: For our hourly car service in Miami, fill out our form with detailed information about your vehicle, including its make, model, and condition, as well as pickup and delivery locations like Miami International Airport, Miami cruise port, or Fort Lauderdale Airport.
  • Specify Your Needs: Clearly state any specific needs or requirements you have, such as a strict delivery window or need for enclosed transport.
  • Receive Your Quote: Our team will calculate the cost based on your information and get back to you with a detailed quote. This quote will break down all costs so you can see exactly what you’re paying for.

Understanding Your Quote

Once you receive your quote, it’s crucial to understand what it includes:

  • Transport Costs: These are the basic costs of transporting your vehicle from the pickup location to the delivery location.
  • Insurance Coverage: The cost of comprehensive insurance coverage for your luxury vehicle during transport.
  • Additional Services: Any extra services or requirements you requested will be itemized here.

Remember, while cost is a significant factor, it should not be the only one you consider when choosing a luxury car transport service. The quality of our limo service, the reliability of our black car service, and the safety measures put in place are equally, if not more, important.

Why Choose Auto Transport Specialty Luxury Car Shipping Services?

When it comes to transporting a luxury vehicle, every detail matters. That’s why Auto Transport Specialty takes a comprehensive, client-centric approach to ensure the safe delivery of your vehicle.

1. Customized Solutions

At Auto Transport Specialty, we understand that every client’s needs are unique. Whether you’re moving a vintage car, sports car, or luxury SUV, we offer tailored transport solutions to meet your specific requirements. From the initial booking to the final delivery, our team works closely with you to ensure a seamless experience.

2. Specialized Care for Luxury Vehicles

Luxury cars demand a higher level of care and protection during transport, and we’re equipped to provide just that. Our transporters are specifically designed to accommodate luxury vehicles, and we offer both open and enclosed transport options. We always recommend enclosed transport for luxury cars to provide maximum protection from the elements and road debris.

3. Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

All vehicles under our care are covered by comprehensive insurance. This policy is designed to offer protection against unforeseen incidents during transit. With Auto Transport Specialty, you can have peace of mind knowing your luxury vehicle is fully covered.

4. Experienced, Professional Staff

Our staff is well-trained and experienced in handling luxury cars. We understand the nuances of these vehicles and take extra precautions to ensure they are properly cared for during transport. Our dedicated team is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have during the transport process.


Luxury car transport requires an exceptional level of care, expertise, and attention to detail. At Auto Transport Specialty, we understand the unique needs of luxury vehicle owners and provide a specialized service that prioritizes the safety and security of your prized possession.

From personalized solutions to comprehensive insurance coverage and our team of experienced professionals, we’ve got you covered. Don’t settle for less when it comes to transporting your luxury car. Choose a partner who understands your needs and has a proven track record of delivering outstanding service.

Get in touch with Auto Transport Specialty today for a free, no-obligation quote.


What is the difference between open and enclosed transport?

Open transport is the most common method of vehicle transport. Your vehicle is transported on an open trailer, typically alongside several other cars. Enclosed transport, on the other hand, protects your vehicle from the elements and road debris by transporting it in a covered trailer. This is typically the recommended method for luxury, classic, and high-value cars.

How long does it take to ship my luxury car?

The duration of shipping can vary depending on factors such as the distance of travel, the method of transport selected, and current weather conditions. During the booking process, we will provide an estimated timeframe for delivery.

How is the cost of shipping my luxury car calculated?

Several factors determine the cost of shipping a luxury car. These include the distance, the type of vehicle, the chosen method of transport, and the pickup and delivery locations. To get an accurate quote, please contact our team with the necessary details.

What happens if my luxury car is damaged during transport?

While we take all precautions to ensure safe transport, in the unlikely event that your vehicle is damaged during transit, our comprehensive insurance coverage comes into effect. Our team will guide you through the process of making a claim.

Do I need to prepare my luxury car for transport?

Yes, there are several steps to prepare your vehicle for transport, such as cleaning it, removing personal items, and checking for any pre-existing damage. Our team will provide a detailed list of steps to prepare your vehicle for shipping.

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